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[00:58] <stellar-slack> Hi All, I am looking for some technical help for a digital currency project I am working on. Some back end website stuff but more importantly making the ripple gateway I have work on the stellar platform. If you are interested to hear more about the project please message me directly. Thanks.
[01:14] <stellar-slack> @dzham: Thanks, I forgot gbi and didn't know vcbear.
[01:15] <stellar-slack> garth which Ripple gateway? I was just saying we NEED to get more gateways involved in this Stellar network
[01:15] <stellar-slack> we do
[01:16] <stellar-slack> I'm talking to some people in west africa about gateway stuff to, but that's way early
[01:16] <stellar-slack> in the meantime, @kwelstr, buy some goats from chivocoin
[01:16] <stellar-slack> That's what attracted me to Ripple when I got bored with bitcoin, all the gateways under one network.
[01:17] <stellar-slack> Chivocoin! hahaha chupacabra :smile:
[01:19] <stellar-slack> Anywhoo, I feel like Jed and the dev team are building a Ferrari and we use it to go to the market to get some milk and back home. We need this baby to go to the race track.
[01:23] <stellar-slack> one brick at a time
[01:25] <stellar-slack> True. But the efforts to teach newbies to use a digital wallet are wasted if they have no reason to use it, they just sell their STR at an exchange or trade them for PayPal
[01:25] <stellar-slack> kinda sad
[01:28] <stellar-slack> @kwelstr: my gateway is up at this time and it is not intended for trading. Only for issuing. Is there another name for this besides gateway?
[01:30] <stellar-slack> @garth you issue some IOUs that people deposit on your account, right? That is the definition of a gateway. Then you send your customers the credits and they can use them to pay their friends OR to trade them for any other kind of IOU credit.
[01:36] <stellar-slack> My currency doesn't start as an IOU. It is earned into existence.
[01:44] <stellar-slack> ok, so it is a token then
[01:46] <stellar-slack> I don't think there is a name for a wallet that just issues tokens. A gateway is supposed to let you deposit and withdraw funds.
[01:47] <stellar-slack> Maybe someone else can have a better answer.
[01:48] <stellar-slack> I'd still call it a gateway, I guess.. Or is it just an issuer? :confused:
[01:51] <stellar-slack> Well, some people will issue tokens that you can buy for services. They're not a gateway but a service provider. I don't know if we have a name for that.
[01:53] <stellar-slack> Then there was a guy that started a raffle site called Gecko coin. You could buy the token or you could go to his site and get some free one. Then you could bet on a raffle for bitcoin, and things like that.
[01:55] <stellar-slack> From a UX point of view, you're still going to "add a gateway" in your wallet, to set up trust
[01:55] <stellar-slack> ah sure, the UX is a gateway
[01:56] <stellar-slack> you need to set the trust or else it wont work for you
[01:58] <stellar-slack> I guess it is a gateway but it is not an exchange.
[01:59] <stellar-slack> But in real life a gateway is a place that acts just a gateway, both for deposits and withdrawals. Else you are just a wallet issuing tokens.
[01:59] <stellar-slack> No, an exchange is a completely different animal.
[01:59] <stellar-slack> Let say you issue a GTH token and send it to 20 of your friends
[02:01] <stellar-slack> they could trade the GTH between themselves, like one will want more and another will not want any. So they set a price and they trade them. Once you issue the GTH it is up to the wallet owner what they want to do with them.
[02:01] <stellar-slack> Or they can just assign 0 value to the tokens and then there will be no trading
[02:03] <stellar-slack> There's always going to be _some_ value to them, if they're redeemable for goods/services
[02:04] <stellar-slack> the issuer can say there is no value and it is only for learning purposes.
[02:04] <stellar-slack> I've seen a couple of cases like that
[02:08] <stellar-slack> There are many flavors of gateway possible on Stellar. Some may be LETS systems, some tightly controlled financial firms, but the most flexible are those that accept fiat and issue tokens to users directly to their wallet.
[02:10] <stellar-slack> Those are probably the most desirable to see initially (I think). Gateways come with their own set of concerns however (as we've seen on the Ripple network). Probably some good learnings there.
[02:10] <stellar-slack> Hi Celtic! :smile:
[02:11] <stellar-slack> Yes I am just a wallet issuing tokens. My go to market strategy does not facilitate trading. I am setting it up so the currency can be used to buy stuff right out of the gate. The amount that is earned into existence will be very small at first and will grow relative to where it can be spent. The value will be pegged to the US dollar to start and a comparative value will be established based on the cost of livin
[02:11] <stellar-slack> it.
[02:11] <stellar-slack> Hey kwelstr. I;ve been lurking here for a while. Nice to see the new consensus algorithm. I need to dig into it to understand it better.
[02:13] <stellar-slack> Garth, sounds good to me. The more gateways and people getting involved with the network the better.
[02:14] <stellar-slack> There is plenty of room to try out different gateway models. Go for it @garth
[02:14] <stellar-slack> Celtic, yeah, that new consensus protocol sounds exciting, I am following the conversation on that too.
[03:29] <stellar-slack> Just started reading the paper, so far, so good
[03:32] <stellar-slack> awesome Dan :+1:
[03:45] <stellar-slack> So what would be an example of a slot dependency?
[04:24] <stellar-slack> hmm not sure what you're referring to specifically... here's an overview of the implementation of "slots" in stellar-core https://github.com/stellar/stellar-core/tree/master/src/herder
[04:25] <stellar-slack> a slot is an abstract term, and in stellar we define a "slot" as a ledger number
[04:25] <stellar-slack> and in that slot goes the "value", which in stellar are the transaction updates to the last closed ledger
[04:32] <stellar-slack> So can multiple transactions be 'queued' waiting on other transactions before it to finish? Hence the sequential ledger
[04:36] <stellar-slack> yes, how I understand it is that once you submit a transaction to a node (assuming its a valid transaction), it will hang around until it's accepted into a slot. @jed or @monsieurnicolas will be able to provide more insight, they've been working on that portion. I work on more of the client software/libraries and interfaces to stellar-core rather than on the core itself.
[04:38] <stellar-slack> Ok cool, I know it's early, but are there any plans for RFC style protocols to do other language implementations?
[04:40] <stellar-slack> yeah absolutely. we've tried to adhere to as many existing RFC protocols in our protocol as possible for that reason. for example, we use xdr as our data serialization protocol (http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc4506.html)
[04:40] <stellar-slack> (writing a java parser for xdr right now as we speak haha)
[04:41] <stellar-slack> additionally, we've kept the stellar-core code as small and modular as possible, not to mention clean and well documented (hopefully), in order to make it easier for someone to comprehend the code, and perhaps write another implementation in another language
[04:43] <stellar-slack> for example, this involved removing the API layer from the core protocol (as it was in the previous protocol) and into its own seperate process. not only does that make the protocol lighter weight, but it modularizes the API, and now someone can write an alternative implementation of the API itself
[04:44] <stellar-slack> That's awesome, it seems like Stellar is going about things the right way, as far community, and development are concerned.
[04:45] <stellar-slack> :+1: so which language would you want to see an alternative implementation written in?
[04:45] <stellar-slack> Well, I'm kind of partial to Rust at the moment :simple_smile:
[04:46] <stellar-slack> nice
[04:47] <stellar-slack> haven't played around with Rust, kind of still exploring Go
[04:47] <stellar-slack> @graydon might be a helpful resource if you decide to start implementing the Stellar Rust core :wink:
[04:48] <stellar-slack> That's beyond my skill level at the moment, but I could certainly help whoever could start it
[04:50] <stellar-slack> have you spun up a stellar-core instance and connected to the testnet yet?
[04:50] <stellar-slack> (assuming its up..)
[04:51] <stellar-slack> Nope, not yet, but I will check it out
[04:51] <stellar-slack> well here's a super quick and easy way to do it using vagrant: https://github.com/stellar/vagrant-examples
[04:51] <stellar-slack> always fun to build it yourself though too :simple_smile:
[04:52] <stellar-slack> Awesome! Thank you
[04:52] <stellar-slack> thank you @matschaffer for throwing that together at the last minute!
[04:53] <stellar-slack> @dfockler: let us know if you run into any hiccups setting it up
[04:54] <stellar-slack> Thanks, I'll come back here if I have any issues.
[05:12] <stellar-slack> @andrew: it was fun :simple_smile:
[05:13] <stellar-slack> tell you what though, doing the full network in vagrant is getting.... interesting
[05:13] <stellar-slack> I think I'm gonna have to drop the idea of keeping everything in bash and just use ruby for the full-network part
[05:13] <stellar-slack> juggling IPs and keys is just getting too ugly
[05:16] <stellar-slack> ah, yeah i avoid bash like the plague
[05:16] <stellar-slack> for stuff like the single node, I love it
[05:16] <stellar-slack> run some commands, toss in a few string replacements, done
[05:16] <stellar-slack> once arrays are involved it's like .... gurrrhhhh
[05:16] <stellar-slack> haha
[05:17] <stellar-slack> I ended up with this in the file.. should have been the first signal to quit
[05:17] <stellar-slack> ```
[05:17] <stellar-slack> as_toml_array() {
[05:17] <stellar-slack> echo -n $@ | python -c 'import sys,json; print(json.dumps(sys.stdin.read().split(" ")))'
[05:17] <stellar-slack> }
[05:17] <stellar-slack> ```
[05:19] <stellar-slack> ah, i see
[06:47] <stellar-slack> Two of my fav twitter threads since the whitepaper came out:
[06:47] <stellar-slack> https://twitter.com/bcrypt/status/586018676073078784
[06:48] <stellar-slack> and
[06:48] <stellar-slack> https://twitter.com/badboy_/status/586139114325549057
[06:52] <stellar-slack> @yoyce did you meet yan at mit?
[06:56] <stellar-slack> no, but i follow her on twitter bc she seems to be an entirely bad ass person. cryptography, physics, eff, security, tor
[06:56] <stellar-slack> yoyce is the contraction for "yo joyce!"
[06:57] <stellar-slack> heh
[06:59] <stellar-slack> she does seem badass...
[08:51] <stellar-slack> welcome platinuum!
[11:16] <stellar-slack> hello
[11:16] <stellar-slack> Anybody here?
[11:16] <stellar-slack> Need help
[11:17] <stellar-slack> my stellar account not working
[12:01] <stellar-slack> @theo.godspeed: hey, what's the problem
[13:49] <stellar-slack> oooo snap, @johndbritton is in the house!
[13:49] <stellar-slack> yay john!
[13:49] <stellar-slack> heyo
[13:49] <stellar-slack> congrats on the launch
[13:49] <stellar-slack> thanks! and congrats on yours too:)
[13:51] <stellar-slack> was just checking out the new stuff
[13:54] <stellar-slack> @joyce: the demo on https://www.stellar.org/galaxy/ seems broken
[13:54] <stellar-slack> cool - let us know if you have any questions! pure dev questions are best for the #dev channel since that is where the stellar devs live but all other are good here too
[13:54] <stellar-slack> I get "Account not found (waiting for consensus). Please try again in a few seconds." and it never changes.
[13:54] <stellar-slack> Ok let me take a peek
[13:56] <stellar-slack> i need to ask another team member who isnt online yet (its 7am here in sf), let me have them check and poke in here once online
[14:01] <stellar-slack> yes I get the same result, Account not found (waiting for consensus). Please try again in a few seconds.
[14:02] <stellar-slack> yeah the testnet is down atm
[14:03] <stellar-slack> I'll restart it in a moment
[14:03] <stellar-slack> ooh
[14:24] <stellar-slack> that explains it
[14:27] <stellar-slack> should be working now
[14:29] <stellar-slack> Still getting the same "waiting for consensus" message.
[14:30] <stellar-slack> horizon is still reporting as being on ledger 16602 @jed
[14:46] <stellar-slack> restarting horizon now
[14:51] <stellar-slack> horizon is now catching up and friendbot is working again
[15:04] <stellar-slack> :tada: thanks @scott, it's working now
[15:04] <stellar-slack> :simple_smile: np.
[19:43] <stellar-slack> hey, can someone answer to this thread? https://stellartalk.org/topic/7093-explain-it-to-me-like-i-was-5-years-old-stellar-vs-ripple-consensus/ what's really great in the new consensus compared to Ripple? :simple_smile: The paper is too elaborate for me and I really want to know why Stellar is better now (without trolling)
[19:48] <stellar-slack> question #2 here talks about important features of the new code base as does the chart: https://www.stellar.org/blog/stellar-consensus-protocol-proof-code/
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