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[00:12] <stellar-slack> Congrats on the new consensus system today!
[00:13] <stellar-slack> thanks!
[00:31] <stellar-slack> thanks @charles!
[01:32] <stellar-slack> @jessica nice! I read Rabelais so long ago that I only remember the giants, but it is so nice to see it intermixed here where I would least expect it :smile:
[01:33] <stellar-slack> welcome @albertobissacco :simple_smile:
[01:35] <stellar-slack> Congratulation amazing SDF team on the launch
[01:37] <stellar-slack> thanks lab
[01:37] <stellar-slack> thank you @lab!
[02:18] <stellar-slack> http://www.wired.com/2015/04/stanford-prof-builds-algorithm-internet-money/
[02:24] <stellar-slack> this is one of my favorite articles about Stellar so far. I think it does a great job of outlining the Stellar vision :simple_smile:
[02:31] <stellar-slack> no in /r/stellar/ yet.
[02:31] <stellar-slack> someone should post it!
[04:11] <stellar-slack> woohoo:)
[04:25] <stellar-slack> ya, someone submit to reddit besides me =p
[04:53] <stellar-slack> Any recent meetup?
[04:54] <stellar-slack> We have a meetup on the 21st http://www.meetup.com/Stellar-Developers-Space-Camp/events/220979320/
[04:55] <stellar-slack> Cool.
[05:16] <stellar-slack> @andrew: any chance of a live stream?
[05:16] <stellar-slack> yes
[05:16] <stellar-slack> awesome
[05:17] <stellar-slack> where are you?
[05:17] <stellar-slack> Australia
[05:17] <stellar-slack> Nice
[05:17] <stellar-slack> yeah we'll livestream the event. and it will be recorded
[05:18] <stellar-slack> Too good
[05:18] <stellar-slack> :blush:
[07:38] <stellar-slack> the testnet is down?
[07:38] <stellar-slack> @matschaffer:
[07:50] <stellar-slack> @lab: there was some word of history sync btwn core & horizon earlier today. Let me have a look
[07:52] <stellar-slack> only thing that's off is core-testnet3
[07:52] <stellar-slack> the others & horizon are up
[07:53] <stellar-slack> there is no ledger advancing for about twenty minus
[07:53] <stellar-slack> this is last ledger i saw: 2015-04-09T15:32:16.497 e878b6 [Ledger] INFO Got consensus: [seq=12930, prev=54687e, time=1428564734, txs=0, txhash=17eccd, fee=10]
[07:54] <stellar-slack> 2015-04-09T15:32:16.501 e878b6 [Ledger] INFO Closed ledger: [seq=12930, hash=5d7fa4]
[07:54] <stellar-slack> yeah... they do seem to be stuck :disappointed:
[07:56] <stellar-slack> I'll ping a few folks and try restarting them.
[07:59] <stellar-slack> @lab:
[07:59] <stellar-slack> that may have done the trick
[07:59] <stellar-slack> thanks for the heads up
[08:00] <stellar-slack> in the race for the finish monitoring is somewhat lacking still. And by lacking I mean basically nonexistent
[08:02] <stellar-slack> i'm glad to be a manually mornitoring
[08:03] <stellar-slack> but why stuck? it looks much like consensus forking..
[08:05] <stellar-slack> i'm not familiar with the algorithm&code yet, just guessing.
[08:06] <stellar-slack> do you see some evidence of forking? if so I'm sure the team would be curious to see it
[08:06] <stellar-slack> most of my focus is OS level still so answering why it got stuck will probably have to wait for one of the core team devs
[08:12] <stellar-slack> no evidence. since the same pheonomener appears as in forking (no ledger advance)
[08:17] <stellar-slack> okay
[08:19] <stellar-slack> pretty sure there are a number of reasons ledger advance might stop
[08:20] <stellar-slack> yes. i'm reading the code and trying to learn more.
[08:21] <stellar-slack> me too :simple_smile:
[08:21] <stellar-slack> if you see anything let me know
[08:21] <stellar-slack> we set CATCHUP_COMPLETE=true on the nodes earlier today to make sure horizon had a full picture of history
[08:21] <stellar-slack> could be related
[08:22] <stellar-slack> @lab: we should probably keep deeper conversation on #dev at this point
[08:23] <stellar-slack> sure
[08:23] <stellar-slack> 1 & 2 are progressing. I suspect 3 is off intentionally
[14:50] <stellar-slack> @lab: the new system prioritizes safety over liveness so it is the opposite of a fork, the system stops if it doesnt hear from a quorum.
[14:50] <stellar-slack> this protects against forks and double spends :simple_smile:
[17:21] <stellar-slack> Is stellar running on the new system right now?
[17:24] <stellar-slack> No, we're just running a test network on the new system.
[17:24] <stellar-slack> Oh
[17:54] <stellar-slack> good job ! guys ! congratulations !
[17:58] <stellar-slack> thanks @tigre!
[19:19] <stellar-slack> All this is very exciting, but what I am concerned about is how to get more gateways to join the Stellar network and get people to use the wallet for trading. It's pretty sad that most of the trading happens on Poloniex and other exchanges. STR is treated as an alt-coin and not as a world wide currency exchange.
[19:21] <stellar-slack> The only gateways left now are the Chinese RippleFox, which is a wonderful gateway and Dividend Rippler, another great gateway for bitcoin, but as far as liquidity for trading... there is not much going on there :disappointed:
[19:52] <stellar-slack> @kwelstr: definitely, having usable gateways is key to the success of the network. I do think it's important to keep in mind that getting gateways on board - especially considering compliance, kyc, aml - is a slow process.
[19:53] <stellar-slack> Also, working to get more gateways can for sure be a community-wide movement :simple_smile: If even a small number of Stellar fans asked exchanges to join, it could make a huge difference.
[19:54] <stellar-slack> in terms of internal trading, I think in the long term *most* people on Stellar won't be using internal trades. It'll just be for the hardcore users. Most folks will just send, say, dollars to a friend who will receive them in pounds, without ever explicitly touching trading.
[19:59] <stellar-slack> i wouldn't anticipate the average person to explicitly creating buy/sell orders on the distributed exchange, but as eva said, they'll just interact with some client software that "does it for them". However for the traders, it totally makes sense for Gateways/Exchanges to built their trading software on top of stellar's distributed exchange
[19:59] <stellar-slack> ^^^ this
[20:00] <stellar-slack> one value add to current bitcoin exchanges is it allows them to use their world class trading software to not only trade BTC/fiat, but fiat/fiat itself as well, which is a _much_ bigger market
[20:01] <stellar-slack> additionally, building on top of the distributed exchange increases liquidity for your credits (as a gateway or exchange), you're not just limited to your own island
[20:20] <stellar-slack> To be able to send USD or GBP as payments you will need gateways that support those currencies. Trading will happen naturally, ie: I need to convert USD to GBP so I can send them to my friend in England, etc.
[20:21] <stellar-slack> Right now the only currencies I see are CNY and BTC. I would like to see JPY, KRW, EUR, USD, AUD, etc.
[20:22] <stellar-slack> if not where is the network? STR is supposed to be the base coin to facilitate currency exchange.
[20:23] <stellar-slack> And exchanges are NOT good gateways, they make money with trading fees charged in their own internal sites.
[20:26] <stellar-slack> Sure, having more gateways is the key to having those natural trades via payments. I think ultimtaely exchanges might not be the future of the Stellar network (though who knows!), but they're certainly able to understand the idea of Stellar more quickly than traditional financial institutions. It really is a long process for more traditional institutions to become gateways.
[20:35] <stellar-slack> well, there are no financial institutions in the Ripple network and they have plenty of gateways and there is only one that is an exchange. That is what we're lacking here, I think. Small business people starting a gateway in their own countries.
[20:47] <stellar-slack> sure, small businesses can make great gateways! They still need to work out compliance in their own countries though.
[20:53] <stellar-slack> Someone's been speaking to me over Twitter, and wanted to chat FB
[20:53] <stellar-slack> hey! that's me, nice to meet you Lewis :simple_smile:
[20:53] <stellar-slack> It's just easier to explain in real-time
[20:53] <stellar-slack> Yeah, for sure. Plus character limits
[20:54] <stellar-slack> That too! So, I totally get that it's frustrating for folks who either don't have a Facebook or don't want to hook it to their Stellar accounts. But I wanted to clarify why we use Facebook authentication for the giveaway.
[20:55] <stellar-slack> Facebook accounts are an easy way to verify an online identity, and thus a good way to ensure that folks aren't claiming their free stellars multiple times. We want to reach as many different folks as possible, so this is crucial.
[20:56] <stellar-slack> It's also important to note that there are other giveaways planned for the future, including giveaways for BTC and XRP holders, and nonprofit giveaways to reach populations who are currently not online
[20:56] <stellar-slack> Yeah, that makes sense, although people can fairly easily have as many FB accounts as they do email addresses
[20:56] <stellar-slack> Finally, just so you know, your Facebook account would never be publicly linked with your Stellar wallet, for privacy. Probably obvious, but wanted to be clear
[20:56] <stellar-slack> Both arguments could be said for Twitter accounts.
[20:57] <stellar-slack> (And yeah, I just don't have a FB account, rather than being wary of it)
[20:57] <stellar-slack> it/linking it
[20:57] <stellar-slack> Without going into too much detail (for safety reasons), we do have an algorithm to detect Facebook fraud - that is, identify "real" Facebooks - that we're constantly fine-tuning
[20:57] <stellar-slack> Ah okay
[20:57] <stellar-slack> Twitter is MUCH easier to have multiple identities (heck, I have about 15!)
[20:57] <stellar-slack> Hahaha, yeah, that's fair
[20:58] <stellar-slack> and again, totally understand that many technical folks are wary of Facebook
[20:58] <stellar-slack> it's a bit unfortunate, since we of course want super technical folks playing around with Stellar
[20:58] <stellar-slack> but yeah, wanted to let you know that it's 1) something we've put a lot of thought into and 2) not some weird marketing thing
[21:00] <stellar-slack> yeah, I think initially when I'd signed up I'd put it down to a weird marketing thing
[21:00] <stellar-slack> this was a very long time ago, I think it was at launch because it was on hacker news or something
[21:01] <stellar-slack> glad to have that straight
[21:01] <stellar-slack> what do you think about Linkedin login? I don't see many people having fake linkedin profiles with connections but i might be wrong
[21:01] <stellar-slack> I deactivated my linkedin a few days ago actually, when I remembered I had one
[21:01] <stellar-slack> *Nods* I can see that. I'm very reluctant to link my Facebook to anything, too.
[21:02] <stellar-slack> you can definitely still have Fake linkedins, and also, not nearly as many folks in the developing world have Linkedins
[21:02] <stellar-slack> again, not that I'm opposed to it in particular, but Facebook seemed the best choice to reach as many people as possible globally
[21:03] <stellar-slack> I just appreciate that you guys are willing to have an open conversation about it :simple_smile:
[21:08] <stellar-slack> When the foundation is ready do giveaway for the Chinese population who don't have FB (it is blocked by the firewall), Wechat is definitely more popular than Weibo. https://github.com/henter/WeChat-OAuth
[21:08] <stellar-slack> yeah, we've been having a lot of discussion around what platform would work best in China, since Facebook's blocked there
[21:09] <stellar-slack> Wechat seems like a great thing to look into
[21:09] <stellar-slack> we'd love to connect with local Chinese devs to chat about it
[21:09] <stellar-slack> There's part of me that understands and accepts that Facebook's ubiquity makes it really useful for a wide range of people, but there's another, louder, part of me that doesn't want them to have that ubiquity
[21:10] <stellar-slack> wechat is more personal it is like whatsapp + fb. weibo is more twitter like.
[21:10] <stellar-slack> @lewis: absolutely. I mean, the Stellar ethos is largely based in wanting public infrastructure that is owned by everybody/nobody.
[21:11] <stellar-slack> But it's also important to recognize that at this particular point in time, Facebook may just be the best way to introduce folks in developing economies to digital currency.
[21:12] <stellar-slack> (ie, it is the most ubiquitous digital identity at this point in time)
[21:12] <stellar-slack> it's a weird tension though, for sure. Working on distributed systems, yet using a mechanism that is decidedly centralized and private :simple_smile:
[21:13] <stellar-slack> @charles ah, I see, that makes sense. Weibo does actually look a lot like Twitter
[21:17] <stellar-slack> i'm seeing adults are posting less on FB. They are just using it for login or contact me placeholder. @lewis, i'm curious if you can remove your private info from FB, does it still give you privacy concerns?
[21:18] <stellar-slack> oh, I have SO many thoughts on Facebook as social media. But then, it's kind of my job to :stuck_out_tongue:
[21:19] <stellar-slack> @charles I'm more just annoyed about how my data gets used, and even if I'm not on FB, regardless of whether I have previously been or not, FB still has a profile on me and data about me gathered via my friends
[21:20] <stellar-slack> very true @lewis. It's creepy to see sites i visited turn into ads.
[21:21] <stellar-slack> yeah, and the all-seeing thumbs up of FB like on a page, which means FB now know I visited that site. It's creepy.
[21:26] <stellar-slack> so potentially more a question for @eva, what is stripe's involvement in stellar?
[21:27] <stellar-slack> So back at launch in August , Stripe gave us a loan of 3 mil. (documented in our mandate here: https://www.stellar.org/about/mandate/#Funding)
[21:29] <stellar-slack> additionally, Patrick Collison (CEO and cofounder of Stripe) is on our board. Greg Brockman is one of our advisors, and has written some super interesting posts about Stellar.
[21:29] <stellar-slack> https://www.stellar.org/about/
[21:30] <stellar-slack> so, Stripe as a company gave us a loan, and a few key folks at Stripe are personally involved with advising the nonprofit.
[21:30] <stellar-slack> ah, awesome
[21:31] <stellar-slack> yeah! We're lucky to have 'em
[21:31] <stellar-slack> interesting post on issuing your own currency on the Stellar network (by Greg) https://gist.github.com/gdb/853c333748bbe51f5bd4
[21:43] <stellar-slack> Ha! I was totally just away to ask something similar to that
[21:43] <stellar-slack> heheh excellent
[21:43] <stellar-slack> :smile:
[21:47] <stellar-slack> personally, I think it's one of the most interesting aspects of the network. I mean, you can issue literally anything you want. Cases in point: Goat Coin (https://twitter.com/stellarorg/status/554096615804248065) and revealcoin http://rvl.rvl.is/
[21:47] <stellar-slack> Thanks for reposting that article Eva.
[21:47] <stellar-slack> sure :simple_smile:
[21:48] <stellar-slack> it's an oldie but a goodie (if 7 months can be considered old)
[21:58] <stellar-slack> http://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/321pb3/paypal_just_filed_this_document_to_the_sec/
[21:59] <stellar-slack> interesting, thanks @collincrypto
[21:59] <stellar-slack> np
[21:59] <stellar-slack> might open room for stellar and the such in the long term future
[21:59] <stellar-slack> I also know a few of the folks at braintree, andI'm a big fan of what they're doing
[21:59] <stellar-slack> absolutely :simple_smile:
[22:00] <stellar-slack> anything that makes digital currency more accessible to people is a win in my book
[22:10] <stellar-slack> @kwelstr: there's also vcbear (JPY) and gbi (XAU), but you're right. need more gateways
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