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[21:45] <matschaffer> heads up folks. This channel is now mirrored to #general on slack.stellar.org so feel free to join in the conversation from either side. Let me know if you have any trouble or questions.
[21:46] <stellar-slack> oh, should have worded that for both sides. @channel this channel is now mirrored with #stellar on http://irc.freenode.net|irc.freenode.net - should provide a way for people to join in the conversation regardless of their preferred chat medium
[21:54] <stellar-slack> btw, the irc avatars on shown on slack come from http://avatars.adorable.io/ - cute idea, first I'd heard of it
[22:27] <CollinCrypto>
[22:53] <stellar-slack> new school meets old school where blockchain+slack talk meets IRC -- thanks!
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