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[08:43] <anotherdeveloper> Hello!
[09:05] <anotherdevelelop> I want to sell few stellar coins, You can PM me through reddit if you are interested, Thank you!
[09:05] <anotherdevelelop> http://www.reddit.com/r/Stellar/comments/2xc3m0/wts_stellar_coins_for_paypal/
[11:23] <Kwelstr> anotherscammer :D
[11:46] <Luke-Jr> haha, was he really?
[11:46] <Luke-Jr> (i joined because he was spamming bitcoin channels about stellar)
[13:55] <Kwelstr> Luke-Jr: who knows, but why would you not sell at an exchange or even trade in your own stellar wallet?
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