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[04:16] <everettForth> how's everyone doing?
[04:18] <bibbit> I'm actually pretty good. just got a basic framework tied together right before you asked :-)
[04:24] <everettForth> framework for what?
[04:29] <bibbit> I'm playing around with looking at some data.
[04:37] <everettForth> anything interesting, bibbit ?
[04:48] <bibbit> I don't know yet. Still looking.
[04:54] <everettForth> stellar related?
[05:04] <bibbit> ripple and stellar. ripple first, though.
[05:26] <everettForth> I'll be curious to see if / when you release any results
[06:03] <everettForth> onecred for sale https://stellartalk.org/topic/6702-onecredcom-for-sale/
[06:15] <bibbit> why are you bowing out?
[06:17] <everettForth> I just don't think it's very interesting
[06:18] <everettForth> it carries risk and time and resources
[06:20] <bibbit> gotcha.
[06:21] <bibbit> I never really considered doing a gateway due to the risk, regulation and I simply didn't want to be tied to it in case I ever got bored of it, so I understand that perspective
[07:33] <tf2honeybadger> Hi there, I'm setting up my own stellard, and it's not able to get any peers. I've checked that the time is right, and followed the guides as best I could.
[07:34] <tf2honeybadger> Does anyone have another IP I can add to the config file? I'm not sure if I'm not able to connect to the default ones, or if there's another issue
[07:34] <tf2honeybadger> I did check and we're perfectly in sync with NIST time
[07:38] <everettForth> tf2honeybadger: no one other than stellarorg should be running stellard right now
[07:38] <everettForth> unless you're running a testnet
[07:38] <tf2honeybadger> Why not?
[07:39] <everettForth> because they are only running one validator and making whatever changes necessary to keep their network stable under load
[07:40] <tf2honeybadger> interesting, ok.
[07:40] <tf2honeybadger> is this a result of the fork last week?
[07:40] <everettForth> yes, and the high load
[07:41] <everettForth> at some point in the future it will hopefully make sense for you to run a stellard, but not now
[07:41] <tf2honeybadger> Ok, thank you for your help
[07:42] <everettForth> no problem
[07:45] <everettForth> do you have a project in mind, tf2honeybadger ?
[07:47] <tf2honeybadger> I'll PM you
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