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[17:04] <mmathias> Hi, #stellar, just wanted to let you know that I have created a new forum for the Stellar community: http://StellarVerse.org/
[17:04] <mmathias> It is focused mainly on developers and power-users, although everybody else is also welcome! :)
[17:26] <bibbit_> mmathias: What do you see as the differentiators between stellarverse and stellartalk?
[18:43] <mmathias> Well, as I already wrote: StellarVerse is focused more on developers and power-users. It also attempts to create a more proactive and positive environment, which is very much needed.
[18:44] <mmathias> Also, it is not profit-oriented, so I can assure you that I will not blame the SDF for not paying me any money. :)
[18:45] <mmathias> I created StellarVerse out of my concern that StellarTalk would shut down (I have been working on the StellarVerse forum for the past three or so weeks) and out of my perceived need for a stronger and more enthusiastic Stellar community.
[18:47] <mmathias> Because Stellar is not just another "Bitcoin-like" currency. It is much more than that and it needs the support of an active and postitive community. Stellar is NOT the SDF.
[18:50] <mmathias> The SDF is very, very important right now but Stellar is open-source and will hopefully adopted by many other projects!
[18:52] <mmathias> But of course I encourage everybody to discuss this on whichever forum you prefer (or on all of them) :)
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