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[02:22] <joyce_> Vinnie_win, actually we did a whole post about it last week. thought you would have seen it given your interest:) https://medium.com/a-stellar-journey/what-happens-when-you-try-to-sign-up-the-world-f2d15159a012
[02:29] <Vinnie_win> Truth be told my interest faded significantly when Hurukan announced the sale of the forum
[02:34] <joyce_> well at least you always have this irc channel to check it :D
[02:39] <Kwelstr> hey the forum is still open... :(
[02:39] <Kwelstr> I still have hopes it will stay somehow
[02:40] <Kwelstr> joyce_: I enjoyed that presentation very much. Bravo!
[02:40] <joyce_> Thanks! still always get a bit nervous before speaking so im glad you liked it.
[02:41] <joyce_> i appreciated the questions from the audience. they were quite thoughtful
[02:41] <Kwelstr> yeah I wish I was there in person
[02:43] <joyce_> I think there is a fintech conf in Miami? or a bitcoin one? maybe we can meet up there!
[02:43] <joyce_> I have to run to a mtg now, but have a good night everyone!
[02:43] <Kwelstr> OK great, I'll look it up
[02:44] <nOgAnOo> make marijuana illegal
[02:44] <nOgAnOo> plos
[02:44] <nOgAnOo> hue
[02:44] <Kwelstr> nOgAnOo: kick/ban?
[04:44] <bibbit_> Kwelstr: I don't get your comment of "let's see what Ripple claims, WCG anyone?"
[04:45] <bibbit_> The WCG giveaway did not incentivize multiple account creation in any way, only raw crunching power. So, I fail to see how it would inflate ripple account creation.
[11:26] <Kwelstr> bibbit_: point taken, still it did not benefit most users and made a few ripplenaires that could use borrowed computer power (mostly under the table)
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