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[08:02] <everettForth> stellar just shot up in value
[08:36] <nOgAnOo> 70% heh
[08:38] <everettForth> 85%, what's going on?
[08:46] <everettForth> hi bibbit
[08:48] <nOgAnOo> everettForth, people are realizing stellar and ripple have a better chance at being the next big thing rather than shitcoins
[08:48] <everettForth> is stellar on BTC38 new?
[08:48] <everettForth> I haven't used that exchange before
[08:49] <everettForth> speaking of shitcoins, my new favorite is http://ripoffcoin.com
[09:42] <strllar> 95132415 str trade in last 24hr in btc38. crazy chinese (i'm) :D
[09:46] <everettForth> strllar: is str on btc38 new?
[14:51] <joyce_> for those celebrating thanksgiving today, happy thanksgiving!
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