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[10:02] <everettForth> hey bogavante
[10:07] <bogavante> hey wassap :-)
[10:10] <bogavante> I don't normally see when somebody writes here on IRC. I have the channel in the brwoser with irccloud
[10:10] <bogavante> I just happened to be looking at my browser tabs and saw a little red circle notifying me :-)
[10:11] <bogavante> do you use irccloud? I just saw some message from them telling me about some way of getting notified, but I missed it
[10:11] <everettForth> you respond pretty often!
[10:11] <everettForth> no, i use xchat
[10:11] <everettForth> I'm trying to come up with a name for an altcoin trading site
[10:12] <bogavante> based on stellar?
[10:12] <everettForth> i think you were mentioned somewhere today for helping stellar foundation block spammers
[10:12] <everettForth> i'm just going to sell altcoins for bitcoin, including stellar
[10:13] <everettForth> people could buy them on an exchange, but many people don't want to
[10:13] <everettForth> is the theory
[10:17] <bogavante> so you would create something that would attempt to attract those people? in what way it would be different than an exchange?
[10:20] <bogavante> (by the way, about what you mentioned earlier, it's not a secret that I have been carefully monitoring cheating and "farming" for some time, so it's no surprise that they asked me for some info, but it wasn't that much :-))
[10:22] <bogavante> (I'm happy that my efforts helped make the problem more visible and therefore put some pressure into solving it)
[10:24] <bogavante> anyway, I'm busy now... will read you later Evereth. I'm curious about your project. You seem to have cool ideas :-)
[10:24] <bogavante> cheers
[10:26] <everettForth> later, bogavante !
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