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[20:48] <nameface1> anyone got a reliable tool for checking stellar transactions?
[20:50] <nameface> http://stellarchain.io/ this seems like it should work, but isn't returning any tx results
[21:45] <irisli> it depends on what you want to get
[21:46] <irisli> i think the most reliable way that isn't too hard is to use a rpc command ( https://stellar.org/api )
[21:46] <irisli> Stellarchain tries to get all the transactions and then ends up freezing
[21:46] <irisli> If you use the api, you can specify a limit (although it is a bit verbose)
[21:47] <irisli> Also, you might want to join us in #stellar-dev as that is where more dev activity is
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