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[02:48] <everettForth> is anyone putting in a bid for stellartalk.org?
[03:00] <Kwelstr> everettForth: are you? running a crypto forum is not as easy as a car repair one :-/
[03:02] <everettForth> Kwelstr: did you know I used to work for a car repair website, or is that coincidence?
[03:03] <everettForth> I honestly don't think it would be a bad thing to let stellartalk die, or if someone else runs it, it won't make much difference
[03:10] <Kwelstr> everettForth: happy coincidence! LOL
[03:11] <Kwelstr> It could make a big difference if Hurukan gives the database to the wrong guy, many newbies use the same pass for their wallet and the forum, we've had so many problems with that
[03:12] <Kwelstr> plus the constant attacks the forum gets, you need a guy that knows how to do it
[03:13] <everettForth> Kwelstr: do you work on anything ripple or stellar related?
[03:13] <everettForth> I have been meeting Andrew from OMG at some bitcoin events in SF
[03:14] <everettForth> looking at xrptalk.org, the signal to noise ratio is a bit higher there
[03:15] <Kwelstr> yeah, xrptalk is a great forum with a solid following, i don't work for any ripple or stellar related business
[07:22] <Vinnie_win> nite
[16:25] <Vinnie_win> Morning
[18:27] <tammy> so how do I convert my doge to STR?
[18:43] <tammy> nevermind
[18:43] <tammy> I got my doge into my Stellar Wallet. cool
[18:43] <tammy> Thanks Everett Forth
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